Silver Life is a franchise management company and seller of prepared food products to its network of franchisees.

We provide a franchise-based food delivery service for older people.

Our customers are primarily people who live alone or are under nursing care and need support securing daily meals because of difficulties shopping or preparing regular meals.

Trend of sales by purchasers


Trend of sales by purchasers

1Franchise Chains

A delivery scooter and food being prepared at a franchise storeSilver Life operates two chains of food distribution franchises to which we provide business management and sell food for bento meals and other items.
The food products we sell to the franchises are primarily main and side dishes produced in our factories or source from supplier factories. We also sell rice to the franchise stores and consumables used when preparing food items.
Customers place their meal orders to a franchise and designate what time they want the food delivered. The franchise purchases food items from us to fill the orders they have received and anticipate receiving. The franchise combines the cooked rice prepared on the premises with purchased food items to create the bento meals to be delivered at the time designated by the customer. During the preparation process, the franchisees also accommodate customer needs with individualized preparation service, such as cutting items into small pieces for easy consumption.

Magokoro Bento Preparation Styles
  • RegularRegular
  • Large bitesLarge bites
  • Small bitesSmall bites
  • MincedMinced
  • Minced with thickenerMinced with thickener

Franchise contracts are basically franchise membership plans under which the franchisee pays Silver Life for food items and royalties. We also help franchises establish their businesses by offering a plan with an initial period of reduced costs and no royalty payments.

Franchise Network (as of July 31, 2019)

Franchise Network (as of July 31, 2019)

Silver Life currently has no directly managed locations. All of its chain stores providing food distribution services for the elderly are franchise stores. As of July 31, 2019, Silver Life has 729 franchise stores.

Trend of opening stores


Trend of opening stores

2Facilities for the Elderly

We sell the food items produced in our own factories or sourced from supplier factories to various types of senior care facilities, including homes for the elderly and day-use nursing care facilities. Our factories deliver food items to franchisees located near the senior care facilities where the orders originated. The food items we provide are delivered as is to the facilities or are further prepared by the franchisees for individual customers. In some cases, we deliver directly from the factories to senior care facilities.
The senior care facilities pay Silver Life for the purchased food items, and we pay the franchisees a commission for delivering the food.

3OEM and Other Operations

We use our factories to provide original equipment manufacturing and wholesale of frozen bento meals for other food preparation companies. We also sell our own brand of frozen bento meals via our website.

Food Supply System

Our food delivery service provides daily meals for the elderly. We take special care to offer a constantly changing variety of food choices by offering daily specials along while also being mindful of the specific needs of our customers. In addition to healthy meals for people without specific dietary requirements, we also offer meals adjusted for individuals requiring reduced calorie or protein intake.
For customers with chewing or swallowing difficulties, we offer food items in their original form that are softened to be easily cut with chopsticks as well as food that has been puréed so it can be easily mashed with the gums or tongue.

Regular meal, Puréed meal, Soft meal
Meal menu for April

1Our Factory

Our Kanto Factory is located in Gunma Prefecture just north of Tokyo in the Kanto region of Eastern Japan. We acquired the factory in February 2013 and commenced production in August of that year.

The Kanto Factory purchases ingredients and prepares and produces food items for regular meals, and frozen bento meals, including regular, calorie- and protein-adjusted, and soft meals. Regular meals are mainly delivered to local franchisees and senior care facilities in the Kanto region. Frozen bento meals are sold nationwide to franchisees, senior care facilities, and destinations stipulated by the OEM contractors.

1.Ingredient delivery arrow 2.Thawing arrow 3.Measuring arrow 4.Cooking


arrow 5.Refrigerating arrow 6.Filling arrow 7.Metal detectors arrow 8.Inspection and shipment

2Supplier Factories

We contract with our main supplier AI Service and other supplier factories to produce food items for regular, calorie- and protein-adjusted, and puréed meals. Prepared food items produced and prepared by the supplier factories are delivered directly to franchisees and senior care facilities in most regions.

Schematics of Business Operation

Schematics of Business Operation as below,

Schematics of Business Operation